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Medical Cannabis Products

Select and combine our unique dose ratios for your most effective treatment

Whole Plant Cannabis Capsules

Capsules are a great choice for patients who don’t want to smoke and/or want consistent, precise doses. They are perfect for the young and old and for new and occasional users.


ReLeaf Ratios capsules are made of pure organic cannabis oils blended and formulated into a range of doses in three categories: CBD dominant, THC dominant, and balanced distributions. Our low doses permit discovery of the most effective personal dose. We package our capsules in 10-packs, bottles of 30 as well as 2-packs for determining the best dose for you. 


Because they capsules are an oral medication that enters through the GI tract, they can offer long-lasting relief. Unlike many edibles, ReLeaf Ratios capsules are free from sugar and other ingredients that can compromise bioavailability. Our capsules are always discrete and easy to take.

Whole Plant Cannabis Tinctures

Our tinctures start with high quality organic cannabis plants extracted into whole plant cannabis oils under strict quality controls. We then blend the cannabis oil with cold pressed organic hemp seed oil to formulate our tinctures in defined-doses. 

Whole plant cannabis medicine is highly effective because it retains the entourage effect. Our tinctures taste great without the need for artificial flavors. Hemp seed oil is low in saturated fats and has a heart healthy omega 3:6 ratio.

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