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Combine THC with CBD for a more comfortable experience and enhanced relief


We take every step necessary to ensure we provide the most consistently dosed capsules available on the market.  Take comfort in knowing you will get the same dose, every time, in every capsule.  We provide patients with the natural medicine found in the cannabis and hemp plants without unnecessary additives.    

  • Plant based

  • Gluten free

  • No sugars 

  • Low in saturated fat 


Our tinctures are blended with cold pressed, organic hemp seed oil.  Hemp seed oil is low in saturated fats, has a heart healthy omega 3:6 ratio and also contributes to the entourage effect. 

Every batch of tinctures undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure the best tasting whole plant tincture possible.  With high quality starting plant material and extremely low residual ethanol content, there is no need to add artificial flavors!