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Our Commitment To You



High Quality

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  • Scan the QR code on any of our products to view your medicine's lab results immediately!

  • Free from pesticides, molds, mildews, aflatoxins, and heavy metals.

  • All products are manufactured in a food-safe kitchen.


ReLeaf Ratios has over 10 years of ethanol extraction experience in cannabis and hemp as well as over 25 years of cumulative experience in manufacturing and quality control.  

  • Repeatable precision dosing through automated dispensing

  • Testing and validation of all lots produced

  • Accuracy within 3% error margin

Field Hike
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High Quality
  • Organic whole plant extracts (a.k.a. RSO, FECO, Full Spectrum) include a wide array of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids

  • Clean and safe - solvent free extracts using 200 proof ethanol

  • All stainless steel and glass sanitary processing equipment and workflow 

  • Workflow under robust quality control and quality assurance

  • Maine grown cannabis and hemp 

  • Laboratory analysis by Maine licensed labs

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