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Independent Lab Testing

Our quality program implements a rigorous testing protocol throughout the entire manufacturing process. We engage with the OCP licensed cannabis testing labs in Maine for all our testing requirements giving our partners and patients a transparent view of all our testing protocols. Our general approach is to keep our lab clean of all contaminants such that our products remain pure and clean. This tenet informs us to implement a 3 tier testing protocol:

  1. BIOMASS TESTING - We test each incoming lot of biomass for pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

  2. CONCENTRATE TESTING - We know extraction and concentration can result in higher levels of contaminants not detected during biomass testing so we repeat the tests for pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxins in case we've concentrated above any safety limits. We also test for residual solvents (in our case ethanol) followed by cannabinoid and terpene potency required for our formulation processing.

  3. FORMULATION TESTING - We test our formulations as a QA process to validate the accuracy of our dosing protocols.

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