Common Questions

I don't want to get high, can I still use this medicine?

Yes!  We specialize in formulating ratios of cannabis/hemp that help people, "thrive, but not get high."  Ten times the amount of CBD elliminates the psychoactive effects from THC.  Patients find they are able to get relief throughout the day and be present with our unique formulations.  

Is this like "Rick Simpson Oil" (RSO)?

Both Relief Ratios and RSO are essential oil extracts of cannabis/ hemp, however, Relief Ratio's products contain a wider array of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids.  Unlike RSO, our products are consistently dosed so you be able to predict how this medicine will effect you. Our products also undergo finer filtration of the plant material, making them more palatable.  

Why does full spectrum matter?

Our full spectrum extract utilizes the "entourage effect" found in cannabis/hemp. Having the numerous cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids together produces a synergistic effect and provides you with the maximum therapeutic benefit. Some extracts, known as isolates, only contain one cannabinoid, THC or CBD.  Isolates require higher milligram doses compared to full spectrum extracts and isolates are more likely to cause undesirable effects.  


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