"I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocitic Leukemia (CLL) six years ago. I did not want chemo,radiation, or surgery. I found highly skilled people at Canneutics Labs and began the first of two protocols of cannabis oil based on the findings of Rick Simpson (RSO oil - 60 grams taken over 90 days). I have been stable for six years and have required no treatment of any kind other than the cannabis oil protocols and subsequent maintenance doses. Choosing to take responsibility for one's own health is a courageous step to take. That kind of courage deserves the best, most refined oil one can get. I am so grateful to have found a source of oil I can trust and such sincere, dedicated and experienced people."    

- JS, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Survivor

"[Canneutics] was very knowledgeable about cannabis and made me feel very comfortable through my journey of hell.” 

Angel Diaz, Stage 4A Throat Cancer Survivor 

"My sister had been suffering a very rare cancer called Sezary Syndrome. She battled it for 5 years and the symptoms were tragic. A 24 hour itch, leather like skin and always feeling cold - even in the hottest of the summer months. Mac met with us and suggested a blend of CBD and THC in a pill form. With the smallest dose available, my sister’s skin immediately began to clear and soften. She started taking the CBD/THC pills in June and by January of the following year, she was itch free and cancer free. The doctors wanted her to go thru Chemo and Radiation but, she did not want that route. Today, she is still Cancer free and the doctors are in awe."

- Anita, Sister with Sezary Syndrome Cancer Survivor 

"The staff worked with me to find the right capsules to take. I also had my neurologist as a backup and they thought the treatment was helping as well. Since then I have also used the crèmes/lotions to relieve pulled and sore muscles and to help me get back into a regular sleep pattern. I recommend Canneutics to anyone who is looking to use CBD/THC as a treatment because of their caring attitude and the due to the results I achieved. This helped alleviate the questions I had that could not be answered at other places."  

JRR- Seizures


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